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TWIPYs Overview

The TWIPYs are a “People’s Choice” type awards, where the public votes for their favorites in the pinball world. Voting begins today, January 1st, and runs through the month of January.

LIVE SHOW at the Texas Pinball Festival

We’re doing it again. LIVE show at the Texas Pinball Festival.  Hosts Zach and Greg from Straight Down the Middle.  Guests presenters.  Acceptance speeches.  Cash bar.  Streamed live on Twitch.  Don’t miss it.

The TWIPY Pinball Awards: A Celebration of the Hobby will take place LIVE Saturday evening, March 28th, at the Texas Pinball Festival and will be live streamed online.

TWIPY Committee

The TWIPY Committee returns, this year it is comprised of Lloyd Olsen, Steve Bowden, Joel Reeves, William Oetting, Zach Meny, Greg Bone, and Jeff Patterson.  The Committee is responsible for determining game eligibility and categories, show and schedule coordination, and most importantly, maintaining the integrity of the voting process through our online secure voting process, and helping review and validate votes and results.

Please note that Zach Meny and Greg Bone are not part of validating the results and will not know the winners until the live show.

Game Nominees

Black Knight: Sword of Rage

Cosmic Carnival

Elvira’s House of Horrors

Jurassic Park

Medieval Madness Remake New Edition (Light Show and Display/Animations only)



Star Wars Home Edition

Star Wars Comic Edition (Artwork only)

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Note: Games that were shipping to customers between December 1st, 2018 – December 1st 2019 are eligible.

Game Specific Categories

Best Theme – Based on THEME ONLY

Best Animations and Display

Best Lightshow

Best Toys and Gimmicks

Best Theme Integration

Best Music and Sound Effects

Best Callouts

Best Rules

Best Playfield Gameplay and Layout

Best Artwork

Game of the Year

WRITE-IN Categories

Favorite Pinball Streamer

Favorite Pinball Podcast

Favorite Pinball YouTube Channel

Favorite Pinball Mod of 2019 (Only mods initially shipped in 2019.)

Favorite Home Brew Pinball Machine (Must be flipping, presented to the public in 2019, only original designs are eligible.)

Rookie of the Year (Including but not limited to new designers, artists, and coders.)

Favorite Competitive Pinball Player (Must be registered in IFPA.)

Favorite Pinball Website

Favorite Pinball Publication, Writer, or Article

Favorite Pinball Location

Favorite Pinball Convention

Favorite Pinball Tournament/Competition

Favorite Pinball League

Favorite Pinball Topper of 2019 (Must have been revealed in 2019.)