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  • Date/Time March 28, 2020 9:00 pm Eastern
  • Hosted By Imoto Harney and Cary Hardy

The most challenging TWIPYs!  Not only did our hosts have to cancel a month before the live show, the live show at Texas Pinball Festival was then cancelled because of the 2020 pandemic.  But we went with Plan B, then Plan C, then Plan D, and ended up (barely and last minute) pulling off one of the best pinball events of the year!

  • Imoto Harney Imoto Harney Imoto Arcade
  • Cary Hardy Cary Hardy YouTube
  • Scott Danesi Scott Danesi Pinball Life/Spooky Pinball
  • Lauren Grey Lauren Grey Backbox Pinball Podcast
  • Poor Men Ian and Drew Poor Men Ian and Drew Poor Man’s Pinball Podcast
  • Kyle and Krystle Kyle and Krystle Marco Specialties
  • Dennis Kriesel and Zach Meny Dennis Kriesel and Zach Meny The Pinball Network
  • Paris Themmen Paris Themmen Played Mike Teavee on Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
  • Jack Guarnieri Jack Guarnieri Jersey Jack Pinball
  • Stephen Young Stephen Young Pinball Undesirables
  • Jack Danger Jack Danger Dead Flip
  • Ed Robertson Ed Robertson Barenaked Ladies
  • Gerry Stellenberg Gerry Stellenberg Multimorphic Pinball
  • Barry Ousler Barry Ousler deeproot Pinball
  • Christian and Sarah Line Christian and Sarah Line Mrs. and Dr. Pin
  • Josh Kugler Josh Kugler American Pinball
  • Jeff Patterson Jeff Patterson This Week In Pinball
  • Christopher Franchi Christopher Franchi Pinball Artist
  • Eric Meunier Eric Meunier Jersey Jack Pinball
  • Sean Astin Sean Astin Actor
  • Josh Rupe and Scott Larson Josh Rupe and Scott Larson LoserKid Pinball Podcast
  • MACHO Pinball MACHO Pinball Macho Pinball
  • Damian Hartin Damian Hartin Haggis Pinball
  • Antoinette Johnson Antoinette Johnson Artist and Pinball Enthusiast
  • Lloyd Olson Lloyd Olson SS Billards
  • Jeff Patterson Jeff Patterson TWIP
  • William Oetting William Oetting TWIP Webmaster
  • Steven Bowden Steven Bowden deeproot / Fun With Bonus
  • Joel Reeves Joel Reeves Pinball Enthusiast
  • Zach Meny Zach Meny Straight Down the Middle
  • Greg Bone Greg Bone Straight Down the Middle
  • Imoto Harney Imoto Harney Production and Editing
  • Cary Hardy Cary Hardy Production and Editing
  • Jeff Patterson Jeff Patterson Production
  • Marco Specialties Marco Specialties Production
  • Christopher Franchi Christopher Franchi Logo Design
  • Marc Silk Marc Silk Voice Over Talent
  • Rusty Hardy Rusty Hardy 3D Renderings and Artwork
  • Will Oetting Will Oetting Voting Security Lead

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