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    Texas Pinball Festival
  • Date/Time Coming Soon!
  • Hosted By Imoto Arcade + Lucas Pepke

Voting starts December 18th, 2023

“With input from the TWIPY Committee as well as members of the pinball community, I have decided that the TWIPY Pinball Awards (TWIPYs) will no longer include any media categories. I determined that these categories were no longer meeting our mission of celebrating the pinball hobby and were instead lending to a toxic environment within the community. I’m very sorry to those pinball content creators who worked hard to become eligible, especially those in the “new” categories.”

– Will Oetting TWIPY Committee Lead

Read the full statement (PDF)

  • Lloyd Olson Lloyd Olson SS Billards
  • Will Oetting Will Oetting TWIP
  • Steven Bowden Steven Bowden American Pinball / Fun With Bonus
  • Imoto Harney Imoto Harney Marco Specialties / Imoto Arcade
  • Joel Reeves Joel Reeves Pinball Enthusiast
  • Colin Alsheimer Colin Alsheimer Kineticist
  • Imoto Harney Imoto Harney Production and Editing
  • Richard Barnett Richard Barnett Production
  • Howard Barnett Howard Barnett Production
  • Marco Specialties Marco Specialties Production
  • Christopher Franchi Christopher Franchi Logo Design
  • Will Oetting Will Oetting Voting Security Lead

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